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Technical progress changes daily routine without us noticing it. Our activities become more rapid, workplaces turn to be more mobile, and free time is more purposeful. New technologies slowly penetrate our dwellings as well – when preparing new projects, architects, real estate developers and technical solution providers more and more often refer to smart apartment buildings.

According to CEO of UAB Elsis TS Darius Imbrasas, future apartment buildings could be visualised as an absolutely autonomous building, which ensures independently the rational use of energy resources and has an engineering system control (monitoring) system oriented towards the consumer and the administrating company. Such apartments would contain designed and installed real “smart house” functions allowing controlling various household processes such as light or blinds control, heating and ventilation control, and integration with security and fire alarm systems.

The concept of intellectual buildings emerged in the United States of America around thirty years ago. However, since that time, just like other information technology systems, they have been developing and becoming more popular at a rapid pace. Such systems were introduced into private dwellings or apartments almost from their very emergence; however, they started to be installed in apartment buildings not a very long time ago. In Lithuania, the demand for these systems grows along with the perception that they enable savings. On the other hand, this is a natural evolution, part of overall progress.

“Fifteen-twenty years ago, we could see most of the modern equipment and systems, which are currently used on a daily basis, only in fantasy movies or books, and now we cannot even imagine our lives without them”, Darius Imbrasas laughs.

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