ELSIS became a Member of Lithuanian Defense and Security Industries Association


Elsis group of companies for more than 10 years is working closely with the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence and Armed Forces in implementing various projects. Therefore, on 16th of May 2014, UAB „Elsis“ became a full member of Lithuanian Defence and Security Industries Association.

Vision of LGSPA – convene and maintain Lithuanian Security and Defence Industries Association in order to optimize and expand Lithuanian Security and Defence Industries potential anad capabilities via transparent cooperation with local and foreign governmental (GO) and non-governmental (NGO) organizations and institutions. This approach, which includes the provision of the latest technology, weaponry and equipment, various engineering, medicine, information technology means and services, as well as consultation, training and education, may assure timely satisfaction of Lithuanian defence and security needs in the most efficient way, and acquired capacity retention in the long-term perspective. LGSPA association also seeks to promote, expand and consolidate Lithuanian defense and security industry and science linking them together.

Active membership in this association will allow Elsis group companies to work more closely in Lithuanian defense and security projects and programs in developing most modern and effective technology solutions.

For more information: www.lgspa.lt/en.