Smart House System

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Smart House System (SHS)





Project description:

UAB Elsis TS has improved its Smart House System by designing the second generation controller of the House Computer System BKS Controller and a new version of software. The second generation Smart House System includes updated hardware and software, and the following functions: heating, electrical appliance, lighting (interior and landscape) control, microclimate control (temperature, ventilation and conditioning), inside and outside sunblinds control, gate control, the dissolution of ice, environmental watering, house protection (video surveillance, alarm integration territory tracking, access control), control of emergency situations (water and gas leak detection), collection of data from metering devices and display of indications. Methods of system control: internet, smart phone (Android platform), LCD panel, remote control, TV, SMS.

This system can also serve as a platform for various service providers: for broadcasting digital TV programmes and interactive content (movie rentals, music, and games), for health care and nursing services, and much more.

It is going to integrate the BKS Controller into the dispatch control system, and adjust it for the delivery of different digital services to consumers.

Technology used
Controller: manufacturer UAB „Valsena”, CPU ARM926EJ-S, revision 5 (ARMv5TEJ), 198 MHz;  Linux buildroot OS; Java VM, JVM PhoneME (Java Platform Micro Edition for mobile phones); application server: Jetty; SQLite embedded DB; Java programming language.

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